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The National League All-Star Team won the 2012 All-Star Game, played on July 10 in Kansas City, Missouri, by a score of 8–0.

Representatives of both the Giants and the Tigers played key roles in the outcome.

In October, Scutaro tied a League Championship Series record with 14 hits (and a .500 average) against the Cardinals, and he received the NLCS MVP.

In the World Series, his Game 4 tenth-inning single drove home a run that gave the Giants a lead the team would not relinquish.

San Francisco's notable preseason acquisitions were outfielders Melky Cabrera and Ángel Pagán.

The San Francisco Giants, the National League champions, won the best-of-seven playoff in a 4-game sweep over the American League champions Detroit Tigers.

This marked the Giants' seventh World Series title in franchise history, their second in San Francisco (they won five in New York), and their second in a three-year period (2010–2012).

Bruce Bochy made his third World Series appearance as a manager, his second with the Giants. Before that, he led the 1998 San Diego Padres to the World Series, where the New York Yankees swept. Bochy's starting rotation for the 2012 World Series: Barry Zito in Game 1, Madison Bumgarner in Game 2, Ryan Vogelsong in Game 3 and Matt Cain in Game 4.

The Tigers finished the regular season atop the American League Central, with 88 wins and 74 losses.