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My grades were just a little above average, but what is really the point of grades?To prove something to your parents, to prove something to yourself or to show some college that you are not as dumb as a rock?He moved to Californias Silicon Valley to attend the prestigious Stanford Business School and hone his skills.In the early 90s he began working for himself, first selling software, then security programs for computers that were plugging into this new thing called the Internet. Com and domains were just being introduced and initially, even though they were free of charge, Kremen was one of the very few people interested in getting them.By the time graduation rolled around he had done so well that multiple corporate recruiters turned up on campus with job offers.He decided to go with a government aerospace contractor and on that first job he was introduced to With this early peek at a force that would change the world in the years ahead, Kremen decided he wanted to bet on himself by becoming an entrepreneur.Kremen said he did it by looking at the admissions officer as his customer.He understood what this customer wanted and tailored his message to convince him that he could deliver something that would be worth having.

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For most people that's the happy ending and the story would stop right now.

Since his parents were both teachers, you can imagine what a source of consternation his behavior was at home.

With their blessing, the police department picked Gary up one day and gave him a glimpse of what life looked like from the inside of a jail cell. As a kid who wanted to make big bucks, Kremen realized a guys income opportunities could be severely limited if he was locked up.

Within two months he had 7,000 members and a business that was growing 10% a week!

Kremen wanted to take the newspapers on and expand into other traditional classified ad areas, but his investors were satisified with the horse they were on and he wound up being outvoted.