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Dating and wedding customs in england

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The English marriage has lurched from crisis to crisis through the centuries, not least in 'respectable' Victorian times when shortly after the introduction of divorce – three centuries after Scotland and the rest of Protestant Europe – the question of "Is Marriage a Failure?

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Dodging the newly imposed tax and resentment at the state's interference in their private business provided further incentives to live in "common law unions" that had no basis in law and did not carry property rights.

Newspaper headlines scream that marriage is in crisis and on the way out.

Yet the idea that in the past the English were all respectably married could not be further from the truth.

But society weddings used to be quiet, private affairs and all classes considered expensive weddings vulgar and unnecessary.

How refreshing, then, that Ken Livingstone travelled to his wedding this week by tube and wore a seven-year-old suit.