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To accomplish this, it is necessary to be conservative in evaluating the usefulness of data.

Chronometric dating techniques are based on

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Anthropogenic disruptions such as clearing vegetation or tilling the soil cause a variety of localized changes; common effects include an increase in the amount of light reaching ground level and a reduction in the competition among organisms.As a result, an area may produce more of the plants or animals that people desire for food, technology, medicine, and other uses.

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[In Exploring Methods of Faunal Analysis: Perspectives from California Archaeology, edited by Michael A. Entire contents Copyright 2001-2015 by Coyote Press. Most domesticated animals are more docile than their wild counterparts, and they often produce more meat, wool, or milk as well.They have been used for traction, transport, pest control, assistance, and companionship and as a form of wealth.The first scientist to measure reaction time in the laboratory was Franciscus Donders (1869).Donders found that simple reaction time is shorter than recognition reaction time, and that choice reaction time is longer than both.Observations on Settlement and Subsistence during the Late La Jolla Complex - Preceramic Interface as Evidenced at Site CA-SDI-11,796, Lower San Diego River Valley, San Diego County, California [SCA Proceedings - PDF].